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Parents SEN Support Consultancy

Do you have a primary school-aged child, with special educational needs? Does your child require extra support?

Do you need HELP in understanding what provision is available to your child and how the support will be organised.  With your written consent, I am able to write letters on your behalf.

As a qualified Teacher & SENDCo, I provide a service, whereby, I support your

Child, You and your Family to make contact with school Liaison persons to discuss your child's educational needs.  


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My Story: Educator to Consultant

After working in education for more than two decades, I have seen and appreciated the benefits of additional support for pupils.  Since 2011, I have worked with children with additional needs; as well as overseen the provision to support those needs. This may have appeared as a 1:1 adult working with the child.  Various types of assessment, adult support and intervention has also made a huge difference to children with special educational needs (SEN).  Early identification is always recommended to help close the learning gap.  Please contact me with any question you may have in this area.

As a trained, qualified and experienced SENDCo [Post Graduate Certificate], I have written Educational Health Care Plans (EHCPs) for students with ADHD, Autism, Emotional difficulties, general learning difficulties, and more. During my work in schools and on Child Protection Panels, I realised that not all parents/Carers feel confident to approach their child's school regarding their child's support.  Collaborating with other agencies/experts (such as Educational Psychologist, Speech & Language Therapists and Social Workers) are just a few contributors to the future planning and decision-making for our greatly valued, young members of society.  I am able to assist you with communicating with such professionals, using my knowledge, skills and understanding of the Education System and Rights of the Child.

I AM HERE TO LISTEN - I will commit to supporting you and your child, with the intention of working towards achieving the best life outcomes for your child.  My core values are: Truth - Transparency - Teamwork - Transformation.

I AM HERE TO SUPPORT  with your child's journey to best life outcomes.  CALL NOW for an INFORMAL CHAT.

Fees for this service are competitive and are only charged after a FREE 10-15 min telephone chat.


Contact me at this website

Tel: 07377 823 383

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