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Treatment Plans: Packages    

Package I

A plan of treatment for 6-8 weeks, paid for in full (in advance) enables a 10%  discount.  [For example:  A 6 week treatment plan costs £390 - After discount the cost reduces to £351]

Package II

A plan of treatment for 4 weeks, paid for in full (in advance) enables a 5%  discount.

Single Session

You might want to learn about the Hypnotherapy process and sample a session, before deciding to book a several week Treatment Plan.  This would be charged at £65 (unless you have proof of long-term unemployment, disability, or have another extenuating circumstance.  At which point, a lower charge can be discussed/agreed.


Terms & Conditions


Orchard Ivy Therapies aim to accommodate all applicants; supporting them through professional, research-based Hypnotherapy techniques, to a renewed position of well-being.

Initial Consultation is compulsory before a treatment plan is implemented.

A Contract (client/therapist) must be read, understood then signed before treatment can begin.

After an Initial Consultation, you will have a Treatment Plan designed for you.  The length of a Treatment Plan can vary, depending on your condition; choice of techniques and desired outcome.

All homework given to clients requires submission by the following session.  By the commitment of completing homework tasks, you are consolidating the work that takes place in the now ONLINE therapy room.  The best outcomes are achieved by doing so.

Payments are politely requested in advance of treatment sessions.  [Cheques, bank deposits & payment via PayPal tend to be the most preferred method.]

48 hours notice of cancellation of an appointment is requested.  In such circumstances, failing that a 50% charge is made.  [Cancellation can be made by mobile contact or Email.]  Details can be found on Contact Page.

Failing to turn up for an appointment, without the required 48 hours notice, will incur a loss of payment (full session).

Please feel free to Email any questions you may have about information on any part of this website. 

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