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Psychotherapy is based on social science tapping into your subconscious, in order to support you with everyday life difficulties...  Deep trance hypnosis is central to this therapy.

Inner Child​

This is one of the techniques used within hypnosis to explore childhood influences on your current thought processes.

CBT/ DBT [Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Dialectical Behavioural Therapy]

Both therapies are used in conjunction with psychotherapy techniques, which are tailored to your needs and desired outcome


These supplementary techniques provide positive forward-thinking based tools for the client to support themselves between and after sessions.

Both techniques focus on the individual's thought processes; how issues are dealt with and promotes a positive, long-term outlook for handling challenging situations in life.

Eso-oetic Therapy

An innovative therapy, involving deep thought search and creativity.

NLP  [Neuro-Linguistic Programming]

The use of NLP involves creative, person-centred and intricate choices of language, used to help create future vision as well as aspiration for you.  It focuses on the use of highly positive (as well as figurative) language,  that is imposed upon the previous, damaging thoughts held. 


Milton H. Erickson (psychologist & psychiatrist) known in this field as 'The Father of Hypnotherapy' believed in this innovative and ground-breaking  approach to connect with his client's subconscious.

Orchid Ivy Therapies' primary aim is to empower you to help you.
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